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  • Ellie Conry

    It is a crying shame. Laporsha had FAR more natural talent and it showed EVERY week as she out sung him by FAR. Another show I can’t help but wonder if it’s fixed – somehow. Is it because she is overweight?? Is it because she is not Caucasian ?? No matter, my bet is that she will have 10 time the career that Trent could even dream of. Remember what happened to Dautry who (stupidly) was voted off fifth from the end. And no one even remembers who won that season. So, Laporsha, follow in Dautry’s footsteps and show the world who TRULY has the most talent. Trent is NO American Idol. But Laporsha surely is !!!

  • Fin

    America sucks ! Talent never wins

    • merlinda rivera

      You’re confused! Talent did WIN! Trent Harmon was the most talented of all 24 contestants! He deserved to win because he was consistent and not just in one song in all of his songs. To sing the way he does now that is a gift from the heavenly father. What a gift god has given him!
      Congradulations Trent Harmon and may god bless you and your family!

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