Who Was Voted Off The X Factor USA Results Show? – 12/6/2012

The X Factor results show for the quarterfinals is finally over and the top 4 contestants moving on to the semifinals next week have been announced! Who was voted off X Factor 2012 season 2 this week? Did your favorites make it through to The X Factor 2012 USA semifinals next week? Read on for The X Factor elimination results for the quarterfinals and find out who got voted off The X Factor USA season 2 tonight!


This post contains The X Factor USA spoilers for the top 4 results show. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened and who went home on The X Factor 2012 season 2 this week!


Going into The X Factor results show on Wednesday, it seemed almost a given that the last member of Team Demi Lovato, CeCe Frey, would not make it through the night. However, she had defied predictions in previous weeks by sticking around much longer than anticipated. Last week she seemed almost guaranteed to be voted off The X Factor USA but managed to not only survive but actually avoided even being in the bottom two. Did her luck hold out again this week and keep Demi Lovato’s last hope alive for the semifinals?

Well, you can read our full recap of The X Factor 2012 elimination results here if you want all the details and videos from tonight’s show, but the clean and simple answer is… no. CeCe Frey did not have it in her to get the voters to keep her alive in the competition another week. She was the first person who got sent home on The X Factor season 2 results show this week.

Figuring out who would be the second act who was voted off The X Factor USA this week was a bit more difficult to predict. While some were thinking it might be one of Simon Cowell‘s groups who would go home, others were predicting it would be Diamond White of Team Britney Spears who finally used up all her second chances and went home. Personally I was among those who thought Diamond White would not make it through another round if she ended up in the bottom two. Still, she did have at least one really nice performance last night, so the voters might have decided to root for the underdog.

Unfortunately for Diamond White, they did not. Team Britney Spears ended the night down another member as Diamond White was the second person sent home on The X Factor season 2 this week.

Here are the final voter rankings from tonight’s The X Factor USA results show:

1. Tate Stevens (Team L. A.)
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar (Team Britney)
3. Emblem3 (Team Simon)
4. Fifth Harmony (Team Simon)

Eliminated: CeCe Frey and Diamond White

That’s all for our The X Factor USA 2012 recap for tonight. Join us here again next Wednesday night for our next X Factor 2012 season 2 recap! Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all our latest updates.


  1. Sai Luminos says:

    Sad to see Cece go, she had the whole package however of those left, Tate bores me to death but Carly Rose is extremely talented, hope she gets a deal even if it isn’t from XFactor. Shame about the judges being so unprofessional and bickering like children, they should concentrate on being constructive instead of trying to be as nasty as possible about the performers of fellow judges. The judges of American Idol had a much better and more uplifting approach.

  2. tf!!!!!! cece deserves to stay and not emblem3

    • katherine says:

      Cece has no talent- like Kesha, Britney, Demi…. Emblem 3 also has no vocal talent, nor does 5th Harmoney. Agreed, Tate is boring…but he and Carly are the only ones left that can actually sing. Artisits should be judged on VOCAL talent, not how ridiculously slutty or marketable they are.

  3. claudia james says:

    wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emblem3 should get the fuck out…..cece deserves to stay so not fair she tried her best to make y’ll like her but you haters still didnt……WHAT A BLOODY WASTE!

  4. Sai Luminos says:

    X Factor is no longer about the performers but the judges’ egos. LA & Simon have completely lost credibility with the childish bickering and critique of competing performers. It is no wonder X Factor is losing viewers.

  5. Cera cheuri says:

    Cally is so talentend! In uk finalist are not as talented as USA. Diamon should have stayed because the teams are the futur they have time to continu working I do not like tate

  6. Cera cheuri says:

    Cally is so talentend! In uk finalist are not as talented as USA. Diamon should have stayed because the teams are the futur they have time to continu working they are so young.someone like Tate is already 37y and a fother

    • you’re saying that the groups have time to continue working Diamond is only 13 so she has more time. It doesnt matter if Tate is 37 and a father he is extremely talented and to be honest hes the only one there who sings from the heart.

  7. Honestly the fact you are saying Tate has no talent pisses me off because he sings from his heart and can actually sing. Carly may “sound good” to some people but in all honesty she does not deserve to win, everybody is entittled to their own opinion so dont get all pissy. GO TATE KICK SOME MOTHER FUCKING ASS :D

  8. Maria Sarmiento says:

    I don’t believe any of the X factor finalists can compare to the finalists of The Voice.
    I hate the xfactor judges bickering. I cannot stand Khloe Kardashian. She asks the same question: what is in your head right now?????? I think Simon knows he has a clunker of a show this year but too egotistical to admit he’s made a mess of this year’s show starting with the judges and Khloe K.
    She is so bad- and to think Simon is paying her $1mil – she’s using the show to learn how to host! She is darn lucky- unfortunate for the viewers who have to listen to her annoying voice.

    • Agree! The show stinks this season, as it did last season (Krajcik got robbed)! The fake CeCee drama was enough to make me puke. I’ve doubted the sincerity of this show ever since Panda Ross mysteriously disappeared this season. Another site has referred to this show as the “Fix Factor”…too, too true. Have to admit that I do like Carly Rose.

    • Ditto. I couldn’t agree more. Sad that judges put more focus on themselves. Unlike the voice. X factor is one of the worst produced shows I have seen.

  9. Personally I think the show is Rigged because Simon is too much of an Egomaniac to let anyone else have control of his show.With the way the audience and public in general respond to Carly compared to the other contestants is just overwhelming.they love her and all the surveys on different websites has her winning by a landslide and on youtube she has millions more views than the remaining 3 acts combined so tell me how the hell does Tate Stevens come in first.The voting is rigged like a Republican congressman

  10. I love carly’s voice n fate’s but I think emblem 3 should have gone home n I think cece. Frey should have stayed I hope emblem 3 goes home soon

    • totally DISAGREE CeCe frey has lost her way I was suprised she has made it this far I think CARLY is amazing and as for emblem 3 I think they will have a bright future ahead of them

  11. All you Morons who say Carly cant sell records are just Stupid and obviously dont know what you are talking about.Her youtube audition of Nina Simones-Feeling good has almost 19 million views in less than 3 months at that rate it will be the most viewed xfactor video ever in less than a year and all her other performances are in the millions while all the other contestants are lucky to get more than a couple hundred thousand views on each performance.she even has more views than cher lloyd and alicia keys performances so this girl will have no problem selling records.

    • ACDMAN1952 says:

      Carly Rose is the most talented teen ager I have ever seen on any of these so called talent shows! She is simply aewsome!

  12. Xtremely Bored says:

    Emblem 3 barf…..Tate boring country….five no harmony…..I think the only one with talent is Carly……truth is the Voice is a much better show….xfactor is crap, focuses more on annoying judges bickering rather than the actual talent ( if you can call it that) on the stage!

  13. Carly is streets ahead of the rest, not even close IMO…..her voice is fantastic and she will sell a LOT of records, I would buy some of her songs now and I’m no teenager……it will be another US singing show injustice if she doesn’t win it all this season….amazing interpretation of songs for someone so young….GO CARLY!

  14. I would love to make sweet love to them. I am not a perv but they a so pretty

    • well your only a perv if you are in your late 20’s or older.if you are a teen age boy or girl than you are just a normal teen ager with raging hormones.Most of the girls are over 16 so you should be fine

  15. Tate is one LAZY dude. He doesn’t want to work anymore :(

    • Thumbs up to this comment! He is always commenting about “I just can’t go back” or “The crew is at the busy season but I can’t go back”. Frankly, he doesn’t want to go back because he would get razed by his fellow crew members. He needs to say something positive about the job that has helped support him and his family!!!

  16. Carly has an amazing voice, but just who is her market, who would buy her music? I’m no big country music fan either but would certainly listen to Tate. Fifth Harmony…. Forgettable in my mind, nothing dazzling. Emblem 3, not for me, actually find them a bit annoying.

  17. Tate Stevens messed up his bon jovi song and yet he gets first. Wth! -.-

    • Complacency–people just assume that Carly Rose will win, while the Tate Stevens crowd are more commited and less sure. C-R probably appeals to an older demographic, given her choice of songs and style, and this demographic has better things to do than vote 157 times for their choice. OTOH most of the cowboy demographic is out of a job and has nothing else to do.

      I would watch Cece anyday rather than Tate whine on and on.

    • Nzmusicexec says:

      Messed up the Bon jovi song? It’s called making it your own you obviously have been listening in brail

      • Totally agree! Tate is real & I love his voice. If your going to come on & sing a song exactly like the original artist then this should be called The Karaoke Hour.

  18. Why is Tate Stevens still part of the show? It’s a given that he won’t have much of a career after the show anyway.

    • Nzmusicexec says:

      I think you have no brain there are two recording artist executives on the judging panel who both think different Tate will be a star on the country and pop charts

    • Really??? Just because you may not like country doesn’t mean he won’t make it in the music business. He has a great voice! Weather it be country or not.

    • You are crazy!!!! Tate Stevens will sell more records than anyone on the show right now. He is authentic Country and has the look and the voice to make it in the country business.

  19. I’m so relieved Cece is finally gone. She should never have made it this far in the competition. I was more invested in seeing Cece go home than seeing any particular contestant win, but one of my co-workers has convinced me to join her on Team Carly. That kid is seriously talented and I will be shocked if she doesn’t win the whole show. I’m excited to see what she does next week.

  20. Carly has been doing stage work (professionally) since she was nine years old.

  21. John bones says:

    Why are they hyping up Carly? She just stand on stage and doesn’t move n puts her hands in d air like she has diaria. No stage skills.

    • You base it just on that? Wow, can you be anymore dumb? Try opening up your ears and listen to her vocals. It’s about singing not about that.

      • Carly has an amazing voice. But would the public buy her music? I believe country fans would buy Tates. Even more so the tweens & teens would buy Emblem 3.

    • ACDMAN1952 says:

      YOU must have been dropped on your head when you were little! You have a serious problem understanding TRUE TALENT!!

    • Same with Tate…just standing there and sound boring. He make sure to talk always about his life and his worries what his family will do if he doesn’t win xfactor. Asking go sympathy votes.

  22. i dont like tate stevens

    • Maria Sarmiento says:

      I don’t believe any of the X factor finalists can compare to the finalists of The Voice.
      I hate the xfactor judges bickering. I cannot stand Khloe Kardashian. She asks the same question: what is in your head right now?????? I think Simon knows he has a clunker of a show this year but too egotistical to admit he’s made a mess of this year’s show starting with the judges and Khloe K.
      She is so bad!

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